Summer Open League Final Results

Hi All,

Well the competition has finished, that was quick! But it got us out of our own club and back to some sort of normality.

The last results were another lesson for Moonfleet who did not really make a fist of it away to Dolphin going down 33-8 on my rink and 26-9 on the other which was a pretty damning 42 shot defeat and a well earned 6-0 for the Dolphin skips of Les Manning and S Jephcote.

It was a much closer result as Bournemouth visited Bridport Bees for the last time with Bournemouth coming out winners with an overall victory of 23-36. The first rink was a slight victory for Bridport with Phil Hedges edging out Ian Davies 15-13 whilst on the other rink M Fletcher went down to T Medhurst 8-24. This gave Bournemouth a 2-4 win.

The final table is below:

Rank League Position Plyd Won Drawn Lost For Agin Diff Points
1 Dolphin 6 5 0 1 226 141 85 26
2 Bridport Bees 6 3 0 3 196 181 15 22
3 Bournemouth 6 3 0 3 190 158 32 18
4 Moonfleet 6 1 0 5 130 262 -132 6

Thanks to all the teams who participated, I hope you enjoyed the change and we will come back next year multi-jabbed and stronger.


Summer Open League Week 5 Results

Dear All,

This competition has one more game to play and it couldn’t be closer at the top.

This week Moonfleet took on the mighty Bees from Bridport and were beaten but not by as many as the previous match.

Marty Groves and his team scored a creditable 13 against the trio from Bridport led by P Hallet who scored 21. On the other rink Mary Richards as skip was a little closer against Phil Hedges and his hive losing 14-19. This gave an overall win to Bridport of 27-40 and 0-6.

Bournemouth visited Dolphin and this was close, on the first rink L Manning took on T Medhurst and came away with a win 16-12. However, on the other rink it was even closer and this time Bournemouth were victorious but only by 2 shots. Dolphin losing 15-17. This gave an overall total of 31-29 and 4 points to 2.

The current table is below and the next matches have Moonfleet visiting Dolphin and Bournemouth visiting Bridport. Where is the trophy going to go…….

We won’t know until Friday…..

Rank League Position Plyd Won Drawn Lost For Agin Diff Points
1 Dolphin 5 4 0 1 167 124 43 20
2 Bridport Bees 5 3 0 2 173 145 28 20
3 Bournemouth 5 2 0 3 154 135 19 14
4 Moonfleet 5 1 0 4 113 203 -90 6


Summer Open League Week 4 Results

Moonfleet travelled to Bournemouth for their 4th match and received a bit of a trouncing, no, a lot of a trouncing, Mal Smith’s trio were soundly beaten by skip Tim Medhurst 27-7, it looked quite close until end 6 then Moonfleet only picked up 3 more points. On the other rink it was just as far apart with Mary Wall being beaten by Ian Davies and company 24-4. Quite a win 51-11 and Bournemouth taking all 6 points.

At Dolphin the visitors were Bridport Bees and this was a much closer affair with Dolphin winning on one rink 22-10 and Bridport the other 12-15 giving an overall win to Dolphin 34-25 and 4 points to 2.

The table looks quite close now with 2 matches to go and a possible 6 points at stake for each match then I would say anyone could win it except Moonfleet.

Remaining fixtures are

24/8/21 11.00 Moonfleet v Bridport Bees
25/8/21 10.00 Dolphin v Bournemouth
1/9/21 10.00 Dolphin v Moonfleet
3/9/21 12.00 Bridport Bees v Bournemouth


Summer Open League Week 3 Results

Hi All,

Early results this week and something different.

Bournemouth won their first match this week with a good win against the high flying (see what I did there) Bridport Bees.

T Medhurst’s trio were victorious against the Briport team skipped by John Burwood 19-9 and a similar result of 19-8 from I Davies against I Parker.

This gave all 6 points to Bournemouth and a creditable 38-17 overall.

Dolphin travelled to Moonfleet who have played their third different team  of the season and had a convincing win with L Manning beating the home trio of Gill Gwilliam 5-27. Whilst on the other rink Moonfleet fared a little better with Mike Legge losing to V Miller 11-12. Close!

Nevertheless a win for Dolphin by 6-39 and taking all 6 points.


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Summer Open League Week 2 Results

On 3 August it was the turn of Dolphin to visit Bournemouth in the Summer League,

It was quite a low scoring affair with L Manning’s team from Dolphin defeating T Medhurst by 16-6 after 18 ends and J Jephcote was victorious for Dolphin against I Davies by 17-6.

This gave Dolphin victory by 6 points to nil with an overall tally of 33-12.

In the Bridport v Moonfleet match the Moonfleet sextet were beaten 29-7 by Phil Hedges trio against Gill Gwilliam from Moonfleet and a closer contest between John Burwood and Mal Smith 19-9, the Moonfleet team matched them bowl for bowl until end 11 when Mal’s lot got stuck on 9 and Bridport moved on to 19 with some good bowls.

Overall a convincing 49-16 and 6-0 win for Bridport on the day.

Mal Smith

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Summer Open League First Week Results

The first week of matches in the Summer League have been played, Moonfleet getting the better of Bournemouth and taking all 6 points, and Bridport doing similar to Dolphin, again taking all 6 points.

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Summer Open League (Mixed) 2021 – Good News

The Summer Open League (Mixed) is running a limited schedule for 2021, due to the restrictions still in place re Covid-19.

4 Clubs have entered (Moonfleet, Bournemouth, Bridport Bees and Dolphin).

First matches begin w/c 26th July 2021, and then weekly throughout August, to fulfil the 3 Home and 3 Away matches each Club will play.

The schedule of matches can be viewed as normal under Competitions, Summer Open League (Mixed), Fixture List, and the League Table will be updated.

Mens County Matches / Comps Update

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the different approaches Clubs are currently taking, difficulties with travelling arrangements, and the restrictions and uncertainty that this is creating, Dorset County Indoor Bowls Association (DCIBA) has taken the following difficult but consistent decisions in respect of the 2020 / 21 Season to end March 2021 :

DCIBA will pay the annual Registration fee and Insurance to the EIBA

Clubs will collect and pay the Members sub to DCIBA

All DCIBA County Friendlies have been cancelled

DCIBA will not be entering the Liberty, Over 60’s, Under 25’s or Under 18’s Competitions

The Purbeck and 60+ League fixtures are all cancelled, these Leagues will not be held this Season

DCIBA Competitions will not be held this Season (the outstanding Finals from last Season will be organised and played when conditions are deemed suitable)


Please also note that the Wessex League organisers  have  cancelled all fixtures for the 2020 / 21 Season.