Summer Open League Final Results

Hi All,

Well the competition has finished, that was quick! But it got us out of our own club and back to some sort of normality.

The last results were another lesson for Moonfleet who did not really make a fist of it away to Dolphin going down 33-8 on my rink and 26-9 on the other which was a pretty damning 42 shot defeat and a well earned 6-0 for the Dolphin skips of Les Manning and S Jephcote.

It was a much closer result as Bournemouth visited Bridport Bees for the last time with Bournemouth coming out winners with an overall victory of 23-36. The first rink was a slight victory for Bridport with Phil Hedges edging out Ian Davies 15-13 whilst on the other rink M Fletcher went down to T Medhurst 8-24. This gave Bournemouth a 2-4 win.

The final table is below:

Rank League Position Plyd Won Drawn Lost For Agin Diff Points
1 Dolphin 6 5 0 1 226 141 85 26
2 Bridport Bees 6 3 0 3 196 181 15 22
3 Bournemouth 6 3 0 3 190 158 32 18
4 Moonfleet 6 1 0 5 130 262 -132 6

Thanks to all the teams who participated, I hope you enjoyed the change and we will come back next year multi-jabbed and stronger.


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