Summer Open League Week 5 Results

Dear All,

This competition has one more game to play and it couldn’t be closer at the top.

This week Moonfleet took on the mighty Bees from Bridport and were beaten but not by as many as the previous match.

Marty Groves and his team scored a creditable 13 against the trio from Bridport led by P Hallet who scored 21. On the other rink Mary Richards as skip was a little closer against Phil Hedges and his hive losing 14-19. This gave an overall win to Bridport of 27-40 and 0-6.

Bournemouth visited Dolphin and this was close, on the first rink L Manning took on T Medhurst and came away with a win 16-12. However, on the other rink it was even closer and this time Bournemouth were victorious but only by 2 shots. Dolphin losing 15-17. This gave an overall total of 31-29 and 4 points to 2.

The current table is below and the next matches have Moonfleet visiting Dolphin and Bournemouth visiting Bridport. Where is the trophy going to go…….

We won’t know until Friday…..

Rank League Position Plyd Won Drawn Lost For Agin Diff Points
1 Dolphin 5 4 0 1 167 124 43 20
2 Bridport Bees 5 3 0 2 173 145 28 20
3 Bournemouth 5 2 0 3 154 135 19 14
4 Moonfleet 5 1 0 4 113 203 -90 6


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