Summer Open League Week 4 Results

Moonfleet travelled to Bournemouth for their 4th match and received a bit of a trouncing, no, a lot of a trouncing, Mal Smith’s trio were soundly beaten by skip Tim Medhurst 27-7, it looked quite close until end 6 then Moonfleet only picked up 3 more points. On the other rink it was just as far apart with Mary Wall being beaten by Ian Davies and company 24-4. Quite a win 51-11 and Bournemouth taking all 6 points.

At Dolphin the visitors were Bridport Bees and this was a much closer affair with Dolphin winning on one rink 22-10 and Bridport the other 12-15 giving an overall win to Dolphin 34-25 and 4 points to 2.

The table looks quite close now with 2 matches to go and a possible 6 points at stake for each match then I would say anyone could win it except Moonfleet.

Remaining fixtures are

24/8/21 11.00 Moonfleet v Bridport Bees
25/8/21 10.00 Dolphin v Bournemouth
1/9/21 10.00 Dolphin v Moonfleet
3/9/21 12.00 Bridport Bees v Bournemouth


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