Dorset Men hold on against Berkshire

This was a humdinger of a game with an overall score that  yo-yoed  back and forth, with an exciting tied result.

After 5 ends 22 – 31 Berkshire racing to a 9 shot lead.

After 10 ends 60 – 53 Dorset pulling back and moving to a 7 shot lead.

After 15 ends 87 – 82 Dorset holding on to a reduced 5 shot lead.

After 18 ends 103 – 97 Dorset increase the slender lead to 6 shots.

After 21 ends 117 – 117 Dorset had relinquished their lead and Berkshire made up the 6 shots in 3 ends.





   This was a just outcome to this game, which was played in the finest of  spirits.

Following the meal, Dorset County President Barrie Tatman, presented badges to three players.

The first being a colts badge to Ray Harrison, who played his first County representative game.


The second to Alan Lewis, a past Dorset County President, who has represented the County on no fewer than 100 occasions, receiving a ‘100 County Game Blazer Flash’.





The third to Phil Dearlove, also a past County President, who has been a stalwart to the County and has played an amazing 200 representative games. He received the newly commissioned  ‘200 County Game Blazer Flash’.

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