Dorset Men Triumph against Middlesex

Middlesex requested a later start time of 14:30 for this game. Due to mid-week pressure for rink time, the game was reduced to 18 ends.

Dorset played their hearts out and won on all rinks.

After 5 ends 26 – 15 Good start for Dorset

After 10 ends 63 – 20 Dorset put the pressure on

After 15 ends 95 – 48 Dorset continue in the same vein

After 18 ends 107 – 61 A good result for Dorset

A fine and well earned win by 46 shots for Dorset, ‘well done the lads’

Amid the affable company of our Middlesex guests, we enjoyed a fine meal prepared by the Dolphin caterers and, Dorset President, Barrie Tatman, presented full County badges to David Bishop and            Clive Bunford.


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