Dorset Men Bounce Back

Following the defeat to Somerset, Dorset bounced back achieving an outstanding result against Wiltshire.

After 5 ends 28-21 Dorset creep ahead

After 10 ends 81-48 Dorset now move 33 shots ahead

After 15 ends 108-76 Wiltshire holding their own and cut the deficit by 1

After 21 ends 154-93 Dorset pull away to a fine win by 61 shots


Following a fine meal served by The Dolphin catering team and the, as always, enjoyable company of our Wiltshire opponents.

Dorset President, Barrie Tatman, presented ‘Colts Badges’ to three new County bowlers from Moonfleet IBC, David Bishop, Mike Legge and Derek Devonald-Batt.

Derek came to Dorset with a full Berkshire County badge, so also received a Dorset full County badge.

Following the new boys, came a reward for longevity, Jim Andrews was presented with a ’50 Match Appearance’ blazer flash.

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